Easiest Way to Root your S2!

If you have been using your Android phone for quite sometime, you would have definitely heard of rooting being mentioned somewhere.If you want to know actually about what is rooting and what are its advantages, you can read my post “Android Rooted“.

So now you know all about rooting and can’t wait to get your Galaxy S2 rooted. I’ll tell you the easiest way to root your phone. But before you do that I want to warn you about few things:

  • This method is only for a device running stock ROM. That is if you have never rooted your phone before.
  • Rooting might void your warranty (You can unroot it and install stock ROM back and make it appear like it was never rooted but that is little advanced)
  • Be sure to keep more than 60% charge on your device and all your Samsung drivers before you root your phone.

Rooting (Step by Step)

  • To root your phone you need a software called Odin. You can download Odin by clicking here -> Download.
  • Check your kernel version by going to Settings->About Phone and get the correct CF Root file for your kernel from thisthread on XDA.
  • Unzip the CF-Root-xxx-vX.X.zip which you downloaded for your kernel and you should get a .tar file.
  • Make sure Kies is not running.
  • Disconnect your phone from your computer and start Odin. It will look like this. (The box becomes yellow after you connect phone)
  • Click PDA button and select the .tar file you just got.
  • Put your phone in Download mode (By switching it off and then holding Volume Down + Menu + Power button).
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Click the start button when you see the box yellow as in the screenshot above.
  • Wait for phone to Reboot.
  • Voila! You have root.

What has changed in your phone:

  • You got root. 😛
  • An application called Superuser would have been installed which is used to grant root permission to other apps.
  • Clockwork Recovery Mod has been installed replacing your normal Recovery. To access CWM, switch off you phone and then hold Volume Up + Menu + Power Button. Using CWM you can flash any other custom ROM or kernel or CWM flashable app you want. Use Volume up and down keys to navigate in CWM and Power button to select.

I hope this post helped. Users of other Android phones can also use similar steps to root their phone. But you would have to find the CF kernel for that yourself. Or there are other ways about which I’ll write about later. Also I would like to thank Chainfire who has developed the CF kernel.