Best Features of Jelly Bean

ImageUpdate to our favourite OS is here and I updated my phone today. There are a handful of awesome new features in JB. As soon as you boot, what you notice immediately is the new found fluidity in the operations and the new animations. This is the first time that I am actually noticing animations in Android. And the animations are nice. I just hope HTC Samsung etc don’t go ahead and again spoil all this. Then without further ado I’ll go tell you the other nice changes that I observed:

  • Super High Res contact images! I know its not important for some but I love it. Though only the contact who have G+ profiles have high res images till now. I would have to play around a bit.
  • The best change: Notification system. Maybe the strongest point in Android has been made even stronger. The new notification system alone makes JB awesome. You can see your whole text msgs in Notifications. Your email. You can respond to them from the notification drag down itself. You would rarely have to unlock your screen with JB! 😛
  • Google Now. Another innovative feature from Google. Yet to use it fully. Had already got it when I was using ICS with the instructions from XDA. It does faithfully show me the traffic exactly when I am about to go to work with the directions. Same when returning. Also shows the weather. Din get any more cards besides that. But according to Google it will improve with usage. Let us see.
  • Widgets move around and re-size automatically. Not a big one. But still cool. You should try this out.

Everything on the whole feels smoother and faster now. As smooth as butter! That is why Google has named it Project Butter. I’ll update the post when I find more interesting stuff.