Android 2.3.6 Changelog

Yesterday, I flashed the latest official 2.3.6 firmware for my Galaxy S II using Odin. And I am more than happy with it. Here are the changes which I observed:


  • When you scroll down or up a list, the list does not bounce when you reach the end like it used to earlier. Instead the list just stops and you get a blue flash at the corner. Does not improve anything but one of the first changes I noticed.
  • One of the more welcome changes was the change in font. The system wide text has become bolder! I did not see this mentioned in any of the other changelogs and its a very subtle change, but its definitely there.
  • The preinstalled Swype keyboard has been updated. Another welcome change. Though it is not the latest Swype with dragon dictation and prediction it is still an improvement over the old which I was getting really bored with.
  • Another welcome change, Battery Life. The standby battery life to be exact has been improved considerably. You will notice this change in your first day of update. Very pleased :).
  • Stock Music Player: Better default album arts for songs where you do not have album arts. These ones look much better then the old ones. Also when increase the volume above 12 points it gives you a warning message that listening to music in high volume may damage your ears (and it comes only when you have headsets connected! ^_^ )
  • Shutter Animation in the Camera app when you click photos.
  • Videos now play even in Portrait mode.
  • When you change the tabs in the stock browser there is a nice animation now.
  • The New Message button in the Messaging app has been made wider and easier to hit.
  • And everything in general feels more smooth and snappier around the OS.